Since 1932

Phoscao Café.

01Best in Vancouver

There are so many big franchise coffee shops in the area but Phoscao is the best one in the neighbourhood where all the locals come. Friendly service, great affordable drinks and nice eats.

02Fell the Coffee

Don’t let the snow put you off getting in here for one of great coffees. Phoscao Coffee has super friendly staff who will quickly get to know your favourite drink.

03Full Taste

The sweet taste of condensed milk adds a creamy goodness that compliments the coffee, and makes it easy on the stomach for those who aren’t quite used to the harsh taste and acidity of traditional coffee.

Career - Together with us

Phoscao Jobs

From 2020 to 2021
Phoscao will complete the business system in Vancouver, BC Canada. This is a dynamic city, suitable for all industries service business and also a place with a very warm climate Asian people. Currently, Phoscao has cafes shops in Vancouver Center, Burnaby and Maple Ridge. With hiring needs, we need it very much professional staffs.

From 2022 to 2025
Phoscao will expand the system chain across the US and US markets Europe country. Long Beach, New York, Seattle, Paris, Bacelona …… Are the next destinations.

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Origin Cofffee

Vancouver Special

Mastering the coffee business by leading the coffee and cafe industry. We are integrating the passion for the premium specialty coffee with the sole of the professional positive Barista in a very dedicated well engineered system to create a in every spot we post our passion

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